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Get to Know Your Wedding Planner

Written by: Channing NesSmith


Hello and welcome to the Hello Events blog

Owner and Creative designer, Lauren Corp, discovered her passion for wedding planning while she was engaged.

“I graduated college full of zeal but lacking in clarity on how to best utilize my gifts. While on this journey of discovery, in 2006, my now husband and I planned our own wedding and built our first home together. We managed to work the timing of everything perfectly so our home was move-in ready right when we returned from our honeymoon."

While planning their wedding and building their house at the same time, it showed Lauren a new perspective. The possibilities and challenges of pushing herself to explore her creative boundaries.

She discovered her creativity through staying consistent with a cohesive design and how it would translate throughout each room in the home. She realized she loved the thrill of planning and logistic management while adhering to strict timelines, managing large teams of people, and making sure every detail for her Wedding and brand new Home did not go unnoticed.

As possibilities are endless, challenges follow. Working through it in an efficient and effective way allows for you to discover more about who you are.

“We thought we were so smart and experienced in life. Four years into our marriage, we bought a 1971 Ranch Style home and renovated it from the inside out. As the saying goes… pride comes before the fall - Ha!”

Lauren and her husband found that renovating their second home was not as easy as building from the ground up. She was pregnant with their second child at that time, and again she was working within a strict timeline.

“I wanted to be moved in and settled before our sweet baby arrived, and that seemed reasonable right?”

Or so they thought…

“I remember walking into THE doctor’s appointment where they reveal the gender of our baby. That’s kind of a big deal. While we were at our appointment, the painters were at our house waiting to know whether to paint the nursery a shade of blue or pink… My first call, once the gender was revealed, was to our contractor to tell the painters to paint the nursery blue.”

“Was this a little extreme? Yes but after the call, my husband and I celebrated because we would be welcoming another boy into our family.”

Lauren learned many life lessons in that moment:

  1. She recognized that she could thrive under pressure and that she loves the thrill of meeting a tough deadline.

  2. She learned the importance of living in the moment, and not to rush past something special just to complete a task.

“The importance of slowing down to focus on relationships and create meaningful memories is far more valuable than a beautiful design and perfectly executed timeline.”

Although both of these things are important, Lauren says what matters the most is the order in which they are prioritized. It was in this moment that Lauren found clarity on how to best utilize her gifts.

Lauren began designing and planning weddings in 2017. Her professionalism and attention to detail is unmatched. She knows exactly how to handle every “what if” situation and is prepared for everything. She is able to visualize a blank room, and design and plan all of it down to the smallest details. From the colors, to the types of flowers, to the placement of the charger and folded napkins.

“As your planner, I ensure the logistical magic happens, everyone arrives from Point A to Point B on time, and the Bride and Groom enjoy each moment of their day.”

“As your designer, I create the atmosphere of your wedding through the visual elements that represent you and the Groom in a way that goes beyond words.”

With planning and designing working together, an experience unlike any other takes place, and leaves you with a wonderful lasting impression. A memory that you and your guests will refer back to often, with feelings of happiness, excitement and fun.

“I am fueled with a passion to continue to improve and grow in my abilities, and to continue to exceed my couples expectations of their once in a lifetime day.”

When Lauren isn’t working, she loves to be at home with her beautiful family. Lauren and her husband were married in June 2007, and they have 3 amazing children. The Corp’s love to cheer on the Oklahoma University Sooners. They enjoy spending their off weekends at the lake, playing soccer, or enjoying quality time with their family and friends.

Lauren finds her family to be the ones who push her in their own ways to not only be a better wife and mom, but also a better friend and business owner.

“My children are my biggest achievements and blessings. They’ve had a front row seat to watch their mom start a business from the ground up. They’ve seen the good days and tough days, ask questions, and are engaged with my growth process. It is incredibly humbling, challenging and rewarding to have them part of the Hello Events story.”

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